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Bitumen Emulsion is made up of three basic ingredients which include Bitumen, an emulsifying agent and water. Bitumen Emulsion MS-1K / SM-K is medium setting which containing minimum 60% Bitumen, is commonly used for Tack-Coating. It is a medium viscosity emulsion used mainly for tack coating in normal overlay and patching work. Tack Coat K1- 60 bitumen emulsion can also be used in grouting. Tack coat MS-1K cationic bitumen emulsion is made according to Malaysian Standard, MS 1.61 (1994).


Tack Coat MS-1K/SM-K cationic bitumen emulsion can be used at ambient temperature at the spray rate of 0.25 to 0.70 litre per square meter (0.05 to 0.15 gallon per square yard).


Steel Drum / 1Mt IBC Tank


No Property Test Method Min Max
1 Saybolt fural viscosity @ 25?C sec ASTM D224 50 450
2 Storage Stability (24 hours) % ASTM D224  – 1
3 Sieve Test (%) ASTM D224  – 0.1
4 Particle Charge Test ASTM D224 Positive  –
5 Solubility in Trichloroethylene (% Mass) ASTM D2042 97.5  –
6 Residue from distillation ASTM D224 60  –
7 Penetration @ 25?C, 100g, 5sec ASTM D5 60 200


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