Bitumen C320


Bitumen C320

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Paving grade bitumen is manufactured to a tighter specification than prescribed in AS 2008 and is suitable for standard sealing, lightly trafficked, medium trafficked asphalt applications.


Class 320 is most commonly used to manufacture Asphalt Mixes, Cut-back Bitumen, Bitumen Emulsions and Modified Bitumen.


Steel Drum / 1Mt Jumbo bag


Bitumen C320
No Property Test Method Min Max
1 Viscosity at 60?C (140?F), 300mm Hg ASTM D2171 260 380
2 Viscosity at 135?C (275?F), 300mm Hg ASTM D2171 0.4 0.65
3 Penetration at 25?C ASTM D5 40
4 Flash Point ASTM D92 250
5 Solubility in Trichloroethylene (%) ASTM D2042 99
6 Rolling Thin Film Oven test ASTM D2872  –  –
7 Viscosity of residue at 60?C as % of original ASTM D2171 300


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