Bitumen C170


Bitumen C170

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Paving grade bitumen is manufactured to a tighter specification than prescribed in AS 2008 and is suitable for standard sealing, lightly trafficked, medium trafficked and heavy trafficked asphalt applications.


Bitumen Class 170 is mainly used in sprayed sealing and light asphalt applications to provide durability and fatigue resistance. It is also used to manufacture cutback bitumen, bitumen emulsions and modified bitumen.


Steel Drum / 1Mt Jumbo bag


Bitumen C170
No Property Test Method Min Max
1 Viscosity at 60?C (140?F), 300mm Hg ASTM D2171 140 200
2 Viscosity at 135?C (275?F), 300mm Hg ASTM D2171 0.25 0.45
3 Penetration at 25?C ASTM D5 62
4 Flash Point ASTM D92 250
5 Solubility in Trichloroethylene ASTM D2042 99
6 Rolling Thin Film Oven test ASTM D2872  –  –
7 Viscosity of residue at 60?C as % of original ASTM D2171 300


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